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Meet the passionate individuals behind Psycho Medics. Our team is dedicated to exploring and sharing comprehensive information about various types of mushrooms, their uses, and their benefits.

Team Profiles

  • Founder / Lead Researcher: Khalid Irfan – established the platform fueled by his deep fascination with mushrooms. His expertise spans a specific niche in mycology, marked by significant contributions to various pioneering projects in the field. Khalid’s leadership and commitment form the foundation of Psycho Medics, steering its mission toward enlightening and educating its audience about the intricate world of mushrooms.

  • Content Writer / Researcher: Zeeshan Ashraf – with his expertise in Content Writing, plays a crucial role at Psycho Medics by conducting thorough research and producing comprehensive content. He is deeply dedicated to his craft, ensuring that he delivers in-depth material that enriches the website with diverse and substantial information, catering effectively to the readers’ needs for detailed and reliable knowledge.

  • Web Developer / IT Support: Arshad Khan – The technical maestro at Psycho Medics, is instrumental in ensuring the website’s seamless functionality. With his extensive experience in web development, he plays a pivotal role in maintaining a user-friendly and constantly updated online presence for Psycho Medics. Arshad’s expertise is key to providing an accessible and engaging platform for our audience.

  • Outreach Coordinator / Communications: Ikram Ullah – oversees public relations and outreach at Psycho Medics. Her exceptional skills in communication and networking enable us to effectively connect with our audience and partners, fostering meaningful interactions and collaborations. Ikram’s strategic approach to outreach amplifies our reach and strengthens our community engagement.

  • Graphic Designer / Visual Content Creator: Faizan Ashraf – Brings a creative flair to Psycho Medics, transforming complex information into engaging visual content. With a background in graphic design, he specializes in creating informative and visually appealing infographics, illustrations, and digital media that enhance the user experience. His artistic skills make complex mycological concepts accessible and captivating for our audience.

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